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Plastercrete AAC Facade system is a sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution perfectly suited for residential housing and light commercial buildings.

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Plastercrete exterior wall panel is a quality, sustainable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly steel reinforced 50mm Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) panel. Plastercrete has been appraised in NZ by BEAL as NZBC compliant. Plastercrete is the perfect facade system for all residential housing and light commercial buildings.

Plastercrete’s 20mm Drained and Ventilated cavity and flashing technology in conjunction with Supercoat’s™ time tested coatings will ensure that your home is well protected under all conditions.

This durable lightweight cost effective system delivers fast installation times, has excellent thermal, fire, sound and impact resistant qualities creating the safe and comfortable home you deserve.

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